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We are a company that has been on the market for 25 years and we are constantly growing along with the number of our satisfied customers.

Our professional team is at your disposal for all your questions and necessary information. Find out more about us, take a look at our references,

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In our work so far, FluidProject covers the market in Macedonia, but also the international market such as Kosovo, Bulgaria, BiH, Serbia, Albania, Kuwait and Ghana. We are also part of several environmental studies and projects in the field of environmental protection, water resources research and protection of underwater archeological and natural rarities.


Our portfolio includes many different activities such as design and implementation of wastewater treatment systems for utilities, slaughterhouses and meat industry, leather industry, dairy industry, oil industry, chemical industry and many others.



FluidProject is a reputable and fully verified company in the development and implementation of technologies for GMP-certification of water treatment systems for medical and pharmaceutical needs in Macedonia.


Sports and recreational pools and fountains, the equipment needed for them, as well as their maintenance, are part of the services and products of FluidProject.

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A company with over 25 years of tradition to meet the needs of its customers


Equipment and spare parts from world-renowned brands


Wide range of water treatment products and services


Proven guarantee and quality of our services


Regular and on-time service and maintenance


Customized services and products, manufactured according to your needs and requirements


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