FluidProject is a company that offers consulting services for: water distribution, wastewater treatment, production and special works, production of special equipment and feasibility studies for environmental treatments.


Our company is increasingly involved in the control and development of environmental technologies and water treatments in Macedonia. For those needs, we prepare studies, programs and business plans based on which the manner of development of individual environmental projects will be determined, as well as the manner of control over their full implementation and ongoing proper work and success of functioning.


In the field of production and exploitation consulting, the team of FluidProject at any time accurately advises you on the legal regulations and regulations in the field of ecological transport and exploitation of water resources, as well as their daily practical application for various technological solutions for domestic, industrial and commercial use. .


For many years, Fluid Project has been working on projects to assess the techno-economic conditions for various water treatment plants. The assessment is performed by an authorized engineering staff in accordance with the Macedonian positive legislation. 



Design and construction


We offer complete services in the field of water treatment and environmental technologies. All the experience and knowledge of our team gained during the construction of different types of water treatment facilities is embedded in our work. With our professional staff and the equipment at our disposal, we are ready to meet any type of tasks and challenges set before us by our customers. The quality of the work performed and the observance of the agreed deadlines are the top priorities of our work.


FluidProject designs and executes:


Water plants for pharmaceutical and health facilities


  • PW-Purified Water and HPW-High Purified Water plants, designed and executed according to GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practice) for pharmaceutical and health facilities.
  • Plants for the production of dialysis centers, made according to GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practice)
  • Small plants (reverse osmosis) for laboratory conditions


Wastewater treatment plants
  • Communal wastewater treatment plants from residential buildings, houses, settlements and villages. 
  • Wastewater treatment plants from commercial buildings: hotels, motels, restaurants. 
  • Industrial wastewater treatment plants from: refineries, dairies, meat and textile industries.


Water treatment plants for home use
  • Water softening plants (decarbonization)
  • Water deironing plants (iron removal)
  • Water demanganisation plants (Manganese Removal)
  • Water denitrification plants (ammonia removal)
  • Water demineralization plants (mineral removal)
  • UV water sterilization plants (removal of bacteria)

Service and maintenance


FluidProject is an authorized service provider of equipment from the production line of:

  • ECOWATER from USA, manufacturer of water treatment equipment
  • ETATRON from Italy, manufacturer of dosing systems
  • ATLAS from Italy, manufacturer of filter equipment
  • EURAQUA from Belgium, manufacturer of water treatment equipment
  • ECOFLUID from Czech Republic, manufacturer of waste water treatment equipment
  • INJECTA from Italy, manufacturer of dosing systems and measuring instruments
  • DIMM from Belgium, manufacturer of filter equipment


Our service has a complete set of diagnostic devices, special tools and equipment for quality and normal operation of post-sales maintenance, diagnostics and servicing according to strict standards of manufacturers.


FluidProject has a number of specialized and universal diagnostic devices and water quality testers, which allow us to function as the highest quality multi-brand service center for water treatment in Macedonia.


We offer our customers a service for all types of interventions, including the most complex in the modern repair service and maintenance of equipment from the manufacturers above. And for those who bought the equipment from FluidProject, we provide special discounts and benefits during service interventions.


FluidProject offers stock of original spare parts from the program of manufacturers for whom we are a licensed representative, which guarantees normal and quality maintenance and servicing of water treatment equipment. All spare parts can be purchased at the FluidProject service center. 

Wastewater treatment plants


Wastewater treatment is the process of removing pollutants from wastewater. FluidProject offers complete solutions for these processes based on septic dances, bio-filters or aerobic treatment systems for a variety of capacities, from small household treatment plants to wastewater treatment plants, industries and settlements. The systems manufactured by FluidProject are in accordance with all applicable standards prescribed by our country and the European Union.


We discuss your requirements together until the project task is determined. What follows is the preparation of a project by our design team. The realization is performed by our educated teams, equipped with all the means in order to achieve what is projected in the technical documentation.

Underwater activities


FluidProject has professional divers in its team, ready to perform underwater activities such as research, recording, pipeline interventions and many other underwater services.


In order to make surveillance, expertise and technical controls available and usable for the client, underwater photographs and videos are made.


The Underwater Photo and Video Documentation Equipment owned by FluidProject gives you the opportunity to create high quality professional photos and videos.